KRODHA (RAGE) is an original story, based on life experiences, written by Arjun Subramanya. A feature film is being developed and is slated for production commencing in September 2019.

TRI-US Entertainment is in association with Sri Maha Rudra Productions producing KRODHA (RAGE): A story written by Arjun Subramanya, showing his experience as an actor and combining his experiences as filmmaker in what is his feature movie directorial debut.

The story is based on facts, focusing on a disturbed main character drawing attention to the importance of love, trust and human emotions. Twisted and tortured by betrayal, our protagonist makes the key decisions, and experiences the consequences of those decisions. Rage is the primary ingredient propelling the story forward, drawing the main characters into a web of truths and broken trust, and creating significant obstacles.

ಕ್ರೋಧ || ಕನ್ನಡ || KRODHA || KANNADA || Official Story Trailer

Click this link for a teaser trailer, with music by All.OK (Alok Babu.R) 

Krodha (Rage) Cast

Krodha's cast comprises experienced and first-time actors selected by director Arjun Subramanya.
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Arjun Subramanya IMDb profile

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Ashwini Rao: IMDb profile

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Manjunath Prem IMDb profile

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Sanjana Prakash IMDb profile

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Surekha Ram Khatri IMDb profile

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Tejas Gowda IMDb profile

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Yashu Loy IMDb profile

Krodha (Rage) Crew

Krodha's film crew is sourced from professionals in the Kannada Film Industry, and local skilled personnel located in the state of Karnataka, India.
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Alok Babu.R (All.OK), Musical Director: IMDb profile

Arjun Subramanya IMDbjpeg
Arjun Subramanya, writer and director: IMDb profile

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Chandrashekar Appu, Associate Director: IMDb profile

Prashanth Basavaraj IMDbjpg
Prashanth Basavaraj, Drone Camera Operator: IMDb profile

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Uday Leela, Cinematographer: IMDb profile

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Vijay Singh, Graphic Designer IMDb profile

Indian Filming Locations

KRODHA (RAGE) is using studios and being filmed on locations in Bangalore and Gokarna on the Arabian Sea, in Karnataka, India. 

Kannada cinema
, also known as Chandanavana or Sandalwood, is the Indian film industry based in the state of Karnataka where motion pictures are produced in the Kannadalanguage. The Kannada film Industry is sometimes metonymously referred to as Sandalwood. As of 2017, the Kannada film industry based in the city of Bengaluru produces more than 190 films each year. Kannada films are released in more than 1250 single screen and multiplex theaters in Karnataka and most of them are also released across the country and in the United Kingdom, United States, UAE, England, Mexico, Brazil, Germany, Nederland, Holland, Russia, Kenya, South Africa, Pakistan, Bangladesh, Nepal, Sri Lanka, China, Japan, Burma, Malaysia, Singapore, Australia and other countries. 

Production Companies

TRI-US Entertainment is in association with Sri Maha Rudra Productions producing KRODHA (RAGE): A story written by Arjun Subramanya, showing his experience as an actor and combining his experiences as filmmaker in what is his feature movie directorial debut. 

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